Nutra-Phyto Incubation Centre &
Common Instrumentation Facility
( A project initiated by CSIR-CFTRI,Mysore & KBITS,Govt. of Karnataka)

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Nutraceuticals/Nutraceutical enriched products developed at the pipeline from CSIR-CFTRI

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1Superior quality white pepperGround white pepper is used in the production of mayonnaise and salad dressings. Recently, an enzyme assisted process has been developed at the CFTRI, Mysore for the preparation of white pepper from fresh green pepper.
2Spice oilSpice oils in generally are the steam distilled Volatile oils obtained from the individual spices, rich in characteristic aroma constituents. Ginger oil is used largely as a flavouring material in various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
3Sugarcane juiceNormally sugarcane contains 18-20% soluble solids and is reported to impart health benefits to the customers. India has been known as the original home of sugarcane and the second largest producer next to Brazil.
4SpirulinaSpirulina is a concentrated source of protein (65-70)%, vitamins, especially B12, Provitamin A(beta carotene) and Vitamin E, minerals, especially iron and calcium. It is also rich in gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an omega 3 fatty acid.
5Soya Protein HydrolysateThe product is a concentrated free flowing creamy powder with good digestibility and solubility. It can be used for geriatric foods and atheletic foods in addition to being used as a source of protein ingredient.
6Snack BarA soft textured bar based on cereals, fruits and vegetables as major ingredient. Snack bar can be used as meal replacers. The products were fortified with iron and folic acid to provide 1/3rd RDA per serving.
7Sesame oil lignans concentrate
8Savory snack, Sev with added leafy vegetablesSev was prepared incorporating leafy vegetables such as pudina (mint), betel, curry leaves and coriander, which are known to have health benefits due to presence of nutraceuticals.
9Synbiotic yoghurt
10Synbiotic chocolate bar
11Synbiotic ice cream
12Seed oil based products
14Soy protein isolateOver consumption of lipids has led us to delelop reduced fat products of lower calorific value using isolated soy proteins having good physicochemical and functional properties with high functionality, in controlling the cholesterol levels
16Superior quality rice bran oil