Nutra-Phyto Incubation Centre &
Common Instrumentation Facility
( A project initiated by CSIR-CFTRI,Mysore & KBITS,Govt. of Karnataka)

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Nutraceuticals/Nutraceutical enriched products developed at the pipeline from CSIR-CFTRI

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1Debitterd Deodorized Turmeric Powder (Colorant)Debitterd Deodorized Turmeric Powder is the natural colorant and can be directly used to impart yellow colour to food products prepared in powder or semi liquid form. This colorant can replace the present synthetic colors like Tartrazine and Kesari.
2Dehydrated green pepper without using chemicalsDehydrated pepper with its natural green colour satisfies this need and has been accepted well as garnishing spice in preference to the traditional black pepper in western countries.
3Dehydrated gingerTechnology relates to its skin is peeled partially by mechanical peeling using an abrasive peeler such as one used for potatoes,beetroot,carrots. Resulting in a loss of about 10-12%. The quality corresponds closely with the fully hand scrapped ginger.
4DAG oils