Nutra-Phyto Incubation Centre &
Common Instrumentation Facility
( A project initiated by CSIR-CFTRI,Mysore & KBITS,Govt. of Karnataka)

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Nutraceuticals/Nutraceutical enriched products developed at the pipeline from CSIR-CFTRI

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1Nutra chikki with added spirulinaChikki is a ready to eat traditional sweet snack consumed by all sections of population in India. The Nutra Chikki with added Spirulina developed by CSIR-CFTRI could therefore be a powerful weapon for combating malnutrition.
2Nutraceutical enriched Indian traditional ChikkiChikki or peanut brittle, a traditional sweet snack was chosen as vehicle for enrichment with added natural nutraceuticals through herbs. The formulation and process for preparation of chikki with added herbs like ashwagandha, tulasi, ajwain.
3Natural Food ColourantsNatural colourants are extracted from natural herbs, plant parts, like kokum, beetroot, safflower, purple grapes and a very large source. The natural colourants could be a good substitute for the synthetic food colours.
4Nanoencapsulated CurcuminThe development of nutraceutical food for addressing chronic diseases has been initiated. Curcumin has been selected as a bioactive material to be nano encapsulated and finally to be incorporated in the convenience food.
5Nutri chikki PUFA EnrichedFlax seeds were incorporated into chikki for PUFA enrichment, antioxidant addition was standardized for longer shelf life.
6Nutrient enriched fermented cereal food formation
7Njavara rice
8Nutri oil blends
9Nigerseed oil bioactive concentrate