Nutra-Phyto Incubation Centre &
Common Instrumentation Facility
( A project initiated by CSIR-CFTRI,Mysore & KBITS,Govt. of Karnataka)

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Nutraceuticals/Nutraceutical enriched products developed at the pipeline from CSIR-CFTRI

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1Nutra chikki with added spirulinaChikki is a ready to eat traditional sweet snack consumed by all sections of population in India. The Nutra Chikki with added Spirulina developed by CSIR-CFTRI could therefore be a powerful weapon for combating malnutrition.
2Nutraceutical enriched Indian traditional ChikkiChikki or peanut brittle, a traditional sweet snack was chosen as vehicle for enrichment with added natural nutraceuticals through herbs. The formulation and process for preparation of chikki with added herbs like ashwagandha, tulasi, ajwain.
3High Purity CurcuminTechnology, relates the preparation of high purity curcuminoids from turmeric oleoresin. This novel process for the preparation of high purity curcumin powder containing 98-100% is achieved for the first time.
4Debitterd Deodorized Turmeric Powder (Colorant)Debitterd Deodorized Turmeric Powder is the natural colorant and can be directly used to impart yellow colour to food products prepared in powder or semi liquid form. This colorant can replace the present synthetic colors like Tartrazine and Kesari.
5Zerumbone crystalsTechnology involves size reduction of the zerumbet ginger rhizomes, crushing, destarching, and isolation of volatile oil by distillation and crystallization of zerumbone crystals. It is a facile process for the preparation of pure Zerumbone crystals.
6Dehydrated green pepper without using chemicalsDehydrated pepper with its natural green colour satisfies this need and has been accepted well as garnishing spice in preference to the traditional black pepper in western countries.
7Green Pepper in BrineGreen Pepper in brine is mainly used as a spice in culinary preparations for imparting characteristic fresh pepper flavour. It is a ready to use preparation that can find applications in homes, restaurants, institutional catering.
8Superior quality white pepperGround white pepper is used in the production of mayonnaise and salad dressings. Recently, an enzyme assisted process has been developed at the CFTRI, Mysore for the preparation of white pepper from fresh green pepper.
96-gingerol rich conserveThe technology for the preparation of 6-gingerol rich conserve from fresh ginger rhizomes (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) involves the steps of 1)Cleaning 2)Crushing 3)Pressing 4)Drying 5)Grinding 6)Desilventisation.
10Dehydrated gingerTechnology relates to its skin is peeled partially by mechanical peeling using an abrasive peeler such as one used for potatoes,beetroot,carrots. Resulting in a loss of about 10-12%. The quality corresponds closely with the fully hand scrapped ginger.
11Ginger pasteGinger paste is a viscous retaining the strong aroma and flavour of the raw material namely fresh ginger. The volatile oil content in the product is influenced by factors such as variety, raw material storage, handling and processing conditions.
12Ginger cocktailGinger cocktail is a drink with excellent taste and flavour. In a hot country like India, the use of refreshing and thirst quenching beverages, mostly falling under the category of aerated waters, has come to stay.
13Ginger teaGinger tea has free flowing powder, refreshing and sweet pleasant exotic ginger aroma.
14Cashew apple candyA fruit candy used as a confectionery item and it is a supplement to dry fruits for use in culinary preparations. It has a nutraceutical value such as Vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus. Cashew apple can add flavour and enhance particular flavours.
15Beverage dry mixThe technology provides a cashew apple beverage dry mix which is unique over other dry mixes, since they are prepared from synthetic flavours. It contains 3.5% moisture and total soluble solids of 14-15% when reconstituted to an aqueous beverage.
16Mouth FreshenerThe ingredients present in mouth freshener, generate a pleasant taste and fresh feeling, but stimulate the saliva glands. This naturally flushes and cleans the mouth. Coffee active components would be safer, potential, reliable and exploitable.
17Process of cocoa beans to cocoa mass,butter & powderCocoa mass is used as main ingredients in manufacture of chocolate, chocolate coating, cocoa beverages, bakery goods and drinking chocolate. Cocoa butter is generally used for the enhancement of organoleptic qualities of the chocolate.
18Compounded AsafoetidaHing(Ferula alliacea) and Hingra (Ferul foetida) are the two varieties of asafoetida known and recognized in India. With hing, a further distinction is made according to the country of origin, Irani hing from Iran and Pathani Hing from Afghanistan.
19Enriched spice oleoresins and natural colourantsColour of foods is an important quality attribute, in judging their quality and acceptability. Turmeric and chilli, the two major spices, are also major spices, are also major sources of natural pigments.
20Natural Food ColourantsNatural colourants are extracted from natural herbs, plant parts, like kokum, beetroot, safflower, purple grapes and a very large source. The natural colourants could be a good substitute for the synthetic food colours.
21Spice oilSpice oils in generally are the steam distilled Volatile oils obtained from the individual spices, rich in characteristic aroma constituents. Ginger oil is used largely as a flavouring material in various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
22Tamarind ConcentrateTamarind is one of the common and most important trees of India. Although tamarind is grown for a long time, it as attained commercial significance only recently. Fruit is most useful.
23FenugreekFenugreek seed is known to have several pharmacological attributes such as hypoglycaemic, hypocholesterolaemic, gast-protective, laxative, chemo-preventive , antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and appetite stimulant.
24Nanoencapsulated CurcuminThe development of nutraceutical food for addressing chronic diseases has been initiated. Curcumin has been selected as a bioactive material to be nano encapsulated and finally to be incorporated in the convenience food.
25Sugarcane juiceNormally sugarcane contains 18-20% soluble solids and is reported to impart health benefits to the customers. India has been known as the original home of sugarcane and the second largest producer next to Brazil.
26Potato PeelPotato peel, a waste by product of potato processing, is found to be a good source of both dietary fiber and polyphenols. Potato peel powder supplementation in diet was found to effictively attenuate diabetic alterations in rats.
27Carotenoids rich pulpDietary carotenoids are the main sources of provitamin A carotenoids. Red banana is one of the richest sources of pure alpha and beta carotenes. Red banana provides up to 120mg of carotenoids per 100g Fresh Pulp
28SpirulinaSpirulina is a concentrated source of protein (65-70)%, vitamins, especially B12, Provitamin A(beta carotene) and Vitamin E, minerals, especially iron and calcium. It is also rich in gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an omega 3 fatty acid.
29Soya Protein HydrolysateThe product is a concentrated free flowing creamy powder with good digestibility and solubility. It can be used for geriatric foods and atheletic foods in addition to being used as a source of protein ingredient.
30Enzymatically modified Rice BranThe product can have a great potential as a functional ingredient or health food. It can also be used as a source of dietary fiber with prebiotic activity
31Karanjin moleculeThe karanjin from karanja seed possess hypoglycemic, anti-ulcerogenic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The crystals were purified by either washings. The purified karanjin crystals were analyzed by NMR for structural integrity.
32Nutri chikki PUFA EnrichedFlax seeds were incorporated into chikki for PUFA enrichment, antioxidant addition was standardized for longer shelf life.
33Snack BarA soft textured bar based on cereals, fruits and vegetables as major ingredient. Snack bar can be used as meal replacers. The products were fortified with iron and folic acid to provide 1/3rd RDA per serving.
34Sesame oil lignans concentrate
35Savory snack, Sev with added leafy vegetablesSev was prepared incorporating leafy vegetables such as pudina (mint), betel, curry leaves and coriander, which are known to have health benefits due to presence of nutraceuticals.
36Hard boiled candyConfectionery products are considered to be good vehicles to transfer nutraceuticals, the sweetness inherits to these products masks the bitterness naturally present in these nutraceuticals.
37Bombay halwaA nutra rich confectionery jelly was prepared using extracts of coleus aromaticus which is a source of natural colour, antioxidants for added nutra property. Fructo oligosaccharides(FOS) a low energy bulk sweetener were used to replace sugar.
38Anti-obesity Garcinia based wine
39Probiotic yeast enriched product
40Fermented millet food formulation
41Probiotic enriched soya based product
42Phyto nutrient enriched probiotic formulation
47FOS based Intermediate moisture fruit chunks
48FOS based Gulab Jamun
49FOS based Spread
50FOS based Beverages
51Lactobacillus plantarum
52Pediococcus acidilactici
53Synbiotic yoghurt
54Synbiotic chocolate bar
55Synbiotic ice cream
56Omega-3 and Omege-6 rich microbial oils
57Nutrient enriched fermented cereal food formation
58Njavara rice
59Garden cress oil
62Ascorbyl stearate
65Ferulic acid
66Mango peel
67Husk from green gram
68Germinated green gram exudates
69Pomegranate peel
70Seed oil based products
72Beta carotene
76Oleic acid
79Eye protective carotenoid formulations
802-Hydroxy-4-methoxy benzaldehyde
81Cinnamic acid
84Omega-3 fatty acids
86Full fat soy flourA soy based, ready to eat, low-fat, high protein snack food and a process for its manufacture prepared by blending of full-fat soy flour up to 30% gram flour, rice flour to form a dough in a ribbon blender which is extruded into a desired shape
87Soy protein isolateOver consumption of lipids has led us to delelop reduced fat products of lower calorific value using isolated soy proteins having good physicochemical and functional properties with high functionality, in controlling the cholesterol levels
88Rice bran lecithin
89Oryzanol concentrate
90DAG oils
91Nutri oil blends
92Coconut oil blends
93Health oils
94Coconut water concentrate
95Coconut testa phenolics concentrate
96Health foods based on coconut by products
97Phytosterols from rice bran oil DOD
98Phytosterol ester of ALA
99Tocopherols & tocotrienols concentrate from DOD
101Healthfood based on oryzanol
102Superior quality rice bran oil
103Phytosterol ester enriched chocolate/spread
104Palm oil based nutraceutical product
105Palm oil Nutrient based fat spread
106Nigerseed oil bioactive concentrate